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December 9, 2010

Twins that Look Alike, and Work Alike

The New York Times
by Ken Belson

Must be a slow news day at The Times, which, almost inconceivably, spills yet more ink on Brett Yormark, CEO of the New York metro area's losingest pro sports team. And they toss in his brother as a bonus.

As salesmen, the identical twins talk relentlessly about the future, perhaps for good reason: The Nets won just 12 games last season, and the Panthers have not made the playoffs in a decade. They seem to relish the uphill battles, and they seem uninterested in joining big-name teams that would be easier to sell.

Big-name teams, which, no doubt, have not offered them jobs.

“We’ve both worked for franchises that are challenged, which breeds more creativity and competitiveness,” Brett said. “We’ve made the most of it.”

Detractors, including executives at rival clubs, contend that the Yormarks chase too many small deals. One sports consultant said last year that the Nets devalued their brand by giving away reversible jerseys with a Nets player on one side and stars like Kobe Bryant on the other side. Michael takes heat from Canadians opposed to any hockey team in Florida, while Brett has been criticized by opponents of the arena the Nets are building in Brooklyn.

“We, who have observed him, have learned not to take him at his word,” said Daniel Goldstein, a co-founder of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn. “He, along with other people involved with the Nets and the Brooklyn arena, have moved the goal posts numerous times.”

The Yormarks sniff at their critics. “There are benefits of working in nontraditional environments,” Michael said. “I like to wake up in the morning and be ultracreative. It’s forced us to diversify.”


NoLandGrab: "Wake up in the morning?" Wait, we thought the Yormark boys went to bed in the morning and woke up in the evening on their way to working 36 hour days. Just ask them.

Posted by eric at December 9, 2010 4:38 PM