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November 18, 2010

The Civilians' In the Footprint tries to pack seven years into just 95 minutes; hits and misses, but still memorable, provocative

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder dons his theater-critic hat once again.

In 2008 the first iteration of The Civilians' investigation of the Atlantic Yards conflict, Brooklyn at Eye Level (my review), was billed as a preliminary piece, so it could be forgiven some experiments, including dance numbers and student monologues.

Now, nearly two years later, the final play with music, IN THE FOOTPRINT: The Battle Over Atlantic Yards, has emerged. While it’s an improvement over Brooklyn At Eye Level, and uses the theatrical form creatively in various places, it strains to tell an impossibly sprawling story in a single act.

Still, for anyone interested in Atlantic Yards, it’s entertaining, and should spur further conversation and debate. It’s playing at the Irondale Center in Fort Greene through Dec. 11, with several performances followed by discussions.

Click thru for Oder's weighty review.


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Noticing New York, In the Footprint’s Composer/Lyricist, Michael Friedman, Was Previously an Urban Planning Consultant!

Catching up with our theater-going led to several surprising discoveries. One of them is that Michael Friedman, the composer/lyricist of "In the Footprint" the currently playing musical play about Atlantic Yards by the investigative theater troupe The Civilians, was previously an "urban planning consultant"! Gosh Golly, talk about overqualifying for a job dramatizing an urban disaster. Mr. Friedman certainly has all the bases covered. In fact, more of what we found out concerns just how many more bases he has got covered this fall.

Posted by eric at November 18, 2010 12:13 PM