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August 4, 2010

Gilmartin in The Real Deal: personal tidbits and endurance of "the friction and the tension in a public setting"

Atlantic Yards Report

Maryanne Gilmartin, Forest City Ratner's point person on Atlantic Yards, mostly sounds authoritative, confident, and charismatic in a Q&A yesterday with The Real Deal.

Among the tidbits: she has a driver to bring her from her Westchester estate to Brooklyn--so much for transit-oriented developers--and she says she sleeps just five hours a night, which is edging toward Brett Yormark territory.

The AY opposition

Here's the most interesting segment:

What has been challenging for you personally about the opposition to Atlantic Yards?

It's a complicated project with lots of dimensions. And that's just hard work and I love that. I can't say I love the friction and the tension in a public setting. But it comes with the territory. I knew that and I accept that.

Well, the friction and tension in a public setting is often caused by FCR's allies, which is why I had Gilmartin last in July 2009 send an imaginary open letter apologizing for such conduct.

That event referenced, in fact, was Gilmartin's only public appearance before a (partly) unfriendly audience.


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What do we learn?

She works very hard, but when she can she enjoys relaxing in her backyard in Westchester rather than in the massive parking lots she is preparing to create in Prospect Heights. Also, like her predecessor Jim Stuckey and her boss Bruce Ratner, she is the product of the revolving door of the city's Economic Development Corporation.

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