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July 28, 2010

More Officials Shoving Atlantic Yards Down the Memory Hole

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

DDDB picks up on Norman Oder's latest tale of Atlantic Yards revisionism.

Hornick seems to think there was an Atlantic Yards process in which to participate and negotiate and that opponents chose not to participate.

That is utter nonsense.

The opposition studiously participated in the barely existent process (two hearings on the environmental disclosure statement), while Ratner partners and Atlantic Yards proponents studiously disrupted the meager "process" that did take place. The opposition forcfully made the case, over and over, that they wanted a meaningful, democratic process in which to participate—but there simply wasn't one.

That is the original sin of Atlantic Yards. Shame that a city planning official doesn't get that (or know that), even worse that he gets it all backwards.


Posted by eric at July 28, 2010 10:47 AM