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April 12, 2010

The rhetoric of contempt, from Rwanda to NetsDaily; who's in charge?

Atlantic Yards Report

Some rhetoric about the Nets and Brooklyn sounds disturbingly like the rhetoric that preceded the Rwandan genocide.

From Dances with Devils: A Journalist's Search for Truth, by Jacques Pauw:

A few months earlier, [Professor Leon Mugusera] had made a speech in the western prefecture of Gisenyi. Elizaphan quoted what the professor had said of Tutsis: "The vermin must be liquidated. Know that the person whose throat you do not cut now will be the one who will cut yours. Wipe out this scum!"

Norman Oder then offers up a sampling of typically vile comments posted to NetsDaily.

The commenters on the NetsDaily blog, of course, are pseudonymous.

The site is essentially run by two people. One is known as NetsDaily; he's the manager in charge (including oversight of comments), but not the more prolific poster; he does not express strong opinions about the Brooklyn move.

The other is known as NetIncome; he is the editor, the more prolific poster and commenter, and a highly opinionated, sometimes bullying supporter of the Brooklyn move.

Neither pay enough attention to the rhetoric. Is it because one of them has helped shape an atmosphere of significant animosity and both run a blog in which no named person is accountable?


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