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April 6, 2010

The DBP's "Downtown Development Story" and the Atlantic Yards asterisk

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder comments on Dennis Holt's column yesterday about Downtown development projects.

Holt acknowledges that "no one really knows right now" how many of the announced 6430 apartments would be built" and thus that, without the AY figures, the numbers under planning don't seem so impressive.

Still, he concludes by accepting the DBP's figures:

The Partnership's new score card is thus a very useful format, and tells the story of the building of a new Downtown Brooklyn in a more meaningful manner. The totals are impressive. They include $9.7 billion spent to create 22,615,000 new square feet of built space, and 14,481 new housing units.

But there's no assurance that figure is being spent or will be spent. Remember, only 24% of that square footage has been built.


Posted by eric at April 6, 2010 9:49 AM