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April 24, 2010

Two More On Daniel Goldstein

Two quick items on the deal made with Daniel Goldstein.

The BrooklynInk, New Yorkers Still Fuming Over Goldstein’s Surrender

The headline for this item implies anger at Daniel Goldstein, but it appears that the anger is directed at developer Bruce Ratner, Michael Bloomberg and their dependence on eminent domain and corporate welfare.

Local news and blog sites reporting on Daniel Goldstein’s decision to accept $3 million for his home on the Atlantic Yards site have found that New Yorkers are fuming.

One reader on the Daily News voiced her abhorrence for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to allow Bruce Ratner to build the new Nets stadium. “Now MADOFF Gloomberg can say he has created jobs by hiring hot dog and beer vendors to sell hot dogs and beer at the New Nets Arena,” said the reader.

Another reader does not think the building up of New York City universities is making it better. “I am sickened by all the eminent domain abuse under the tsunami of community crushing development under Bloomberg; the mass displacement. Please don’t forget Manhattanville, Columbia U.’s abuse of eminent domain as just one example. NYU and Cooper Union, NY Law, SVA, The New School all confused the E. Village with dorm fodder and sent a message — history destroyed and community not welcome.”

Urban Omnibus

Atlantic Yards opponents are feeling conflicted this week as Daniel Goldstein, founder and now-former-spokesperson of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, agreed to sell his apartment to Forest City Ratner for $3 million. City Room reports that with Daniel Goldstein’s agreement to sell his condo in Prospect heights, the “last man standing in front of the Atlantic Yards bulldozer has stepped aside.” This a few days after another headlining hold-out, Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, announced plans to close up their Dean St. digs and move to a new location.

NoLandGrab: No conflict here. Nothing has happened that changes Atlantic Yards to anything but a cover for a land grab for a politically-connected developer.

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