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April 7, 2010

Suit: Marty ran the Beep’s office like a frat-house

The Brooklyn Paper
by Stephen Brown

We weren't going to touch this story, thanks to our great willpower, but then former Marty Markowitz Chief of Staff Greg Atkins raised Atlantic Yards in his deposition.

Borough President Markowitz turned his office into a macho frat house featuring sexist jokes, double standards and possible violation of campaign regulations, bombshell court documents revealed this week.

New details about the inner workings of Markowitz’s top staff have emerged from the sex discrimination suit brought by Markowitz’s former communications director, Regina Weiss, which portray a work environment filled with dim-witted chauvinist wisecracks and even “volunteer” work for Markowitz’s re-election campaign.

The descriptions of the goings-on come straight from Markowitz himself, along with former chief of staff, Greg Atkins, in depositions the two took under oath.

But one final detail hints at the rampant machismo at Borough Hall. Markowitz’s testosterone-fueled staff was so full of bluster that it even had lengthy internal discussions on how best to pick a fight with The Brooklyn Paper because the Beep had become irked with the paper’s hard-hitting, award-winning coverage of the Atlantic Yards project.

“At a staff level [there were] numerous discussion about how they [The Brooklyn Paper] were going about their … unfair and unbalanced coverage of Atlantic Yards,” Atkins said, adding that the staff discussed cutting off The Paper from the borough president’s regular press releases.

“I was not sure if it was ever agreed upon,” he said. “I certainly wished it.”

Brooklyn Paper Editor Gersh Kuntzman declined to comment.


NoLandGrab: Wonder what kind of fight they were contemplating picking with NoLandGrab? Go ahead, we dare you to cut us off from your regular press releases. Ouch.

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