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April 27, 2010

Ratner exec: Goldstein was in it for the money!

Courier-Life Newspapers via NYPost.com
by Stephen Brown

Forest City Ratner, the company that turned prevarication into an art form, would have you believe that Daniel Goldstein was only in it for the pay day, while Atlantic Yards is a, um, civic project.

Forest City Ratner officials abandoned their diplomatic talk on Tuesday to explicitly portray Daniel Goldstein, who ended his long holdout in the Atlantic Yards footprint for $3 million last week, as an opportunist looking to make as much money as possible.

Countering Goldstein’s own spin that his fight against Atlantic Yards was a principled stand against eminent domain abuse, Forest City Ratner Executive Vice President MaryAnne Gilmartin told us that last week’s final negotiations did not bog down due to Goldstein’s insistence that he be allowed to continue criticizing the project, but simply over how much money he could get out of developer Bruce Ratner.

"Spin?" Does anyone think it's remotely plausible that Daniel Goldstein held out for six years so he could squeeze a few more bucks out of Bruce Ratner?

“The sticking point was how much money he wanted,” Gilmartin said.

When pressed for more details, Gilmartin, who was touring the Atlantic Yards site with two others, shifted back to the immortal language of the press release.

“We’re glad to have vacant possession and are moving forward,” Gilmartin said. “This is a great moment for the project.”

Later, Goldstein called Gilmartin’s assessment simply false.

“The money amount was settled pretty quickly,” he said. “The sticking point that led to nearly four hours of discussions was Ratner’s insistent desire to bind me to some sort of gag order.

“Apparently, taking my home and razing my neighborhood wasn’t enough for them,” he added.


NoLandGrab: Classy, MaryAnne, very classy.

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Atlantic Yards Report, Courier-Life: (unreliable) Gilmartin says sticking point for Goldstein was money; Goldstein says it was the gag order

Um, how is it that Goldstein has a "spin" but the Scarsdale-dwelling Gilmartin has an "assessment"?

Given that the developer has consistently wrung additional subsidies and concessions out of public bodies, it's fair to say that Forest City Ratner always been the "opportunist looking to make as much money as possible."

Posted by eric at April 27, 2010 10:01 PM