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April 19, 2010

Freddy’s Bar an Atlantic Yards Holdout No Longer

NY Observer
by Eliot Brown

Photo: Amy Greer/NoLandGrab

Freddy's Bar & Backroom, the unofficial clubhouse of the Atlantic Yards resistance movement, has been forced to throw in the towel in order to survive.

It seems the "chains of justice" will not be necessary.

Freddy's, the insurgent dive bar in the footprint of the Brooklyn Nets arena-to-be, is set to close at the end of the month. According to an announcement sent out Monday by manager Donald O'Finn, the bar will forgo a confrontation with a sheriff and a demolition crew, and will move to an undisclosed new location near Fourth Avenue and Union Street.

This contrasts with earlier statements made by bar diehards who promised to stand until the bitter end—installing "chains of justice" with handcuffs to the bar—but now the inevitability of the property takings, apparently, has set in.

The bar and its clientele have been virulent critics of the planned arena and related Atlantic Yards development, acting as a ground zero of opposition, posting various news articles of developer Bruce Ratner's troubles throughout the years. The bar even stopped carrying beer from the Brooklyn Brewery after its owner made clear his support for the Atlantic Yards project.


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Fork in the Road [Village Voice blog], Freddy's Fight Comes to an End: The Bar Will Close May 1st, BUT Will Relocate to New Space This Summer

Following a fake eviction notice from its landlord last month, Freddy's Backroom & Bar is now really and truly being kicked out of its Dean Street space at the end of the month. Freddy's will open its doors in Prospect Heights for the last time on May 1st (with a victory party being held April 30), but manager Donald O'Finn promises that the bar is not dead: it's moving to new digs on Fourth Avenue and Union Street.

"Freddy's has been the culmination of everything I am and that I always wanted in a bar," says O'Finn, who helped lead the effort to stop Bruce Ratner's development project in order to save his bar, as well as his neighbors' homes and businesses. "We made a lot of progress in the fight against eminent domain and did a lot of harm to The Atlantic Yards Project... And we are proud of that."

Eater, Freddy's Bar, Defeated by Atlantic Yards, Plans Relocation

After a December eminent domain ruling in favor of Bruce Ratner, the man behind the giant 22 acre Atlantic Yards development, the owners of well known Brooklyn dive within the footprint o' death, Freddy's Bar, prepared for a massive fight against the bulldozers. They dug their heels in, called out the media, and promised they would chain themselves to the bar before letting it get leveled for this massive entertainment complex.

Not so much anymore.

Curbed, Atlantic Yards, the Sword of Damocles

After trying Bruce Ratner bobbleheads, a PBR guillotine, and the old Chains of Justice, anti-Atlantic Yards agitator Freddy's Bar is moving. The bar's owners report they're in negotiations with a landlord at Fourth Avenue and Union Street and hope to reopen in two or three months, avoiding eviction from their current spot. The owners are "looking forward to moving out from under this sword of Damocles," but to keep the anti-AY sentiment alive, they're taking the Chains of Justice with them, "forever installed on that bar as a symbol of a united community."


Freddy’s Bar, one of the most vocal opponents of the Atlantic Yards project, will be moving to new digs in the Gowanus/Park Slope area at Fourth Avenue and Union Street. Bar loyalists had earlier threatened to chain themselves to the establishment at Dean Street and Sixth Avenue to prevent destruction of the watering hole in the name of making room for the impending Brooklyn Nets complex, the Observer reports.

Cobble Hill Blog, Freddy’s Bar & Backroom Moving to Fourth and Union

Barflies, freaks, misfits and malcontents rejoice! The evil forces of “Eminent Domain” will not kill the legendary Freddy’s Bar & Backroom which sits in the footprint of the Atlantic Yards development project. The bar announced today that they’ll moving to a new location at Fourth Avenue and Union Street in Park Slope.

Resistance 3.0, Freddy's Bar Closing and Opening New Location

Our last show at Freddy's went great so we inquired about another gig. This is the response we got...

I have good news & bad news.
The bad news is..... Freddy’s last day of business @ this address will be April 30th, so all bookings after that date unfortunately have to be canceled, I am very sorry.
Good news.....We are not closing, we are moving!
& we will re-open! Better than new!
We will continue to do live music and events and have the best party in town.

Posted by eric at April 19, 2010 6:20 PM