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April 2, 2010

Brooklyn casts a wary eye on the Nets

ESPN New York
by Chris Smith

The New York Magazine columnist, who authored the hands-down most incisive mainstream media report on the Atlantic Yards battle, weighs in with some resignation as a guest columnist for ESPN.

You have a nephew who has been a screwup his entire life. The guy has some talents and redeeming qualities -- a sense of humor, a willingness to keep trying -- and the problems aren't all his fault: Irresponsible parents and sheer bad luck deserve large shares of the blame. But for years the kid has blown every chance he's been handed, often spectacularly and sometimes dangerously, necessitating the repeated intervention of police officers and doctors. Because he isn't your kid and because he has lived a decent distance away, you've been able to choose when to pay horrified attention.

Until now. You're still confused about the specifics, but somehow a series of divorces, bankruptcies and court orders have awarded you custody. If that weren't scary enough, you're being compelled to build an addition onto your house for this perpetual embarrassment to live in.

Anxious? OK: Multiply the disruption, expense and uncertainty by a factor of 1,000. Now you sort of understand what Brooklyn feels like waiting for the Nets to arrive.


Posted by eric at April 2, 2010 12:27 PM