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April 24, 2010

A great big sellout: Atlantic Yards opponent made out like a bandit

Daily News

This editorial tries to tarnish Daniel Goldstein's reputation just as it ignores the real bandit of Atlantic Yards: Corporate-welfare swilling Bruce Ratner.

After all of Goldstein's costly obstructionism, it is a wonder builder Bruce Ratner agreed to give him a penny more than Goldstein would be legally due on eviction from the condo he bought in 2003 for $595,000.

Since Ratner is in a rush to receive hundreds of millions in state and city subsidies, it's no wonder at all that Ratner was willing to negotiation with Goldstein.

Here's a hilarious try to paint Ratner as a giver of "warm fuzzies" even as, with the help of his tool, the ESDC, he holds the threat of eminent domain over residents and businesses:

Ratner's payoff to Goldstein illustrates one of the little-told stories about the Atlantic Yards project. While some residents and owners, such as Goldstein, were railing that they were losing homes and businesses to eminent domain, Ratner was quietly reaching very generous accommodations with hundreds of others.


Additional coverage...

Atlantic Yards Report, Daily News editorial slams Goldstein for "personal jackpot," lauds "generous" Ratner; will he contribute some of his settlement to the ongoing fight?

The New York Daily News, which has supported Atlantic Yards to the hilt (remember A super design for a great project, touting the now-phantom "green roof,") today slams former Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB) spokesman Daniel Goldstein in an editorial headlined A great big sellout: Atlantic Yards opponent made out like a bandit:

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