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March 24, 2010

Vanderbilt Avenue: Prospect Heights' destination for foodies and booze hounds

NY Post
by Carrie Seim


With a knack for transforming barnwood into bar tops — and Manhattanites into hipsters — Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn is blossoming into New York’s new star strip.

“It’s the big kids’ Park Slope,” explains Weather Up bartender Gabe Harrelson. “Less strollers, more bars.”

Indeed, at least eight new bars and restaurants have popped up on the Brooklyn boulevard in the last two years alone.

Wait, don't they know the area's blighted? Vanderbilt Avenue is the eastern border of the Atlantic Yards footprint.

“It’s starting to gel in a very exciting way,” says Ellen Fishman, who’s lived in Prospect Heights for a dozen years and co-owns longtime Vanderbilt restaurants Aliseo Osteria and Amorina with her husband, Albano Ballerini.

“It’s urban, obviously, and yet it’s so amazingly small-town at the same time,” she says of the ’hood. “It’s like the Village of 30 years ago."


NoLandGrab: And now, close your eyes and imagine if, 29 years ago, someone had dropped a basketball arena into Washington Square Park. Got the picture?

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