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February 11, 2010

Who Benefits?

Neighborhood Retail Alliance

The conscience-free lobbyist-for-hire, Richard Lipsky, comments on Community Benefits Agreements, and claims (admits?) a role in the Atlantic Yards CBA.

...as always, the devil is in the details-and crafting standards and a procedural protocol in the context of ULURP is a daunting task indeed. The Alliance has been involved in all of the aforementioned CBA negotiations, and on both sides of the equation, so we know how complex and contentious this all is.

Ultimately, if CBAs are going to be given an official policy status, then they will need to be made an integral part of ULURP.


NoLandGrab: Except when ULURP is overridden, as it was in the case of Atlantic Yards, a project for which Lipsky was on the Bruce Ratner's payroll. As Mr. Lipsky says, the devil is in the details.

Posted by eric at February 11, 2010 8:27 PM