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February 20, 2010

Nets To Move To Newark

Here is some more coverage of the New Jersey Nets' move to Newark, ostensibly as a layover should they get to move to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklynites Ponder Meaning Of Nets’ Move to Newark


Brooklyn residents and officials at press time on Friday were still exploring the meaning of the New Jersey Nets’ recent announcement that are going to play in Newark, at least for the next two seasons, and its ramifications for the Barclays Arena plan in Downtown Brooklyn.

The NBA team reached a deal with the state to move their regular-season games to Newark’s Prudential Center until their new arena is built at the Atlantic Yards Site.

Atlantic Yards Report, Daily Eagle: Brooklynites "still exploring" the meaning of the Nets' move to Newark?

A Brooklyn Eagle tweak on an AP story regarding the New Jersey Nets' planned move to Newark comes off as unintentionally silly, given the headline Brooklynites Ponder Meaning Of Nets’ Move to Newark: What Will It Mean for Atlantic Yards?.

You see, Beth DeFalco's AP story is pretty much the same as the one that went out on the national wire, only with a new lead paragraph:


Could it be that "still exploring" means that Borough President Marty Markowitz didn't call them back?

Here's one example of pondering that could've made the Eagle's deadline: the Real Deal's report that the two-year lease in Newark has a two-year renewable option--just in case the AY arena gets delayed further, as has been the pattern--deserves widespread notice.

Gothamist, Nets Are Headed To Newark's Prudential Center

The New Jersey Nets will no longer have to lose to home crowds at the Meadowlands' Izod Center: The team has made a deal to move to the Prudential Center in Newark for two years. The Star-Ledger reports, "After months of wrangling, a deal was struck Thursday to allow the Nets to buy their way out of their lease at the Izod Center in the Meadowlands... The Nets will pay $4 million to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority — which could be offset in part by advertising, suite revenues and other credits."

Of course, the Nets are waiting to move to downtown Brooklyn—or so they say—to the long-promised arena at the Atlantic Yards, whose development had been on hold until an Appeals Courts swept away developer Bruce Ratner's eminent domain worries.


The Star-Ledger says the Nets could be playing in Newark as early as this spring. Legend has it that the Brooklyn arena will open in 2012.

Field of Schemes, Nets officially headed to Newark for next two seasons

This almost slipped past me, since it's only been reported at the bottom of NBA trade deadline pieces, but the New Jersey Nets finally got approval to move from the Meadowlands to Newark for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons. The Nets will pay the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority $4 million to break their old lease; no immediate word on whether Newark's Prudential Center will still send concerts to the Meadowlands in exchange (though the two arenas did apparently agree to a "non-disparagement clause" to stop either side from publicly dissing the other), or how that whole ticket tax imbroglio worked out.

The long-term plan is for the Nets to be in Brooklyn starting in 2013, though work is still moving slowly at the planned Brooklyn arena site — there have been some street closings and a crane or two are on-site, but the private properties the state had said it would seize by eminent domain this winter are still waiting for the marshals to arrive. And they have their chains ready.

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