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February 3, 2010

It came from the Blogosphere...

The first couple items provide a Left Coast perspective on Atlantic Yards.

Homeless in LA, When the government closes your shelter...

Your plan is in action to leave government assistance – until the government assists you back onto the streets.

You are not as important as a new sports center and shops funded by the Barclays. Prospect heights homeless shelter families were moved, all 35 of them to other shelters in a neighborhood that already is short of shelter space.

I am nauseous as i read the hot air hype on their web page: ”Atlantic Yards is one of the most important developments in the history of Brooklyn. It will serve as a proud emblem of Brooklyn’s reenergized vitality and create a new home for Brooklyn’s very own NBA franchise-the Brooklyn Nets.” Important to whom? Certainly not important to the people they are displacing and let me tell you, Barclay’s can more than afford to leave this shelter alone.

What’s the deal - will the sight of poor and starving children ruin the ambiance for you?

NoLandGrab: Actually, in this case, the government is doing the bidding of the shadow government, aka Forest City Ratner.

archiCULTURE, SF Transbay Terminal Still Moving Forward

Good to hear that unlike other mega projects in NYC which have stalled through the economic downturn/depression (and some would say should never be constructed like Atlantic Yards), the SF Transbay Terminal linking bus, train and other transit is still underway.

Brooklyn Heights Blog, Torch and Tune Bearer

CCNY architecture professor and AIA Guide to New York co-author Fran Leadon also plays a little bluegrass.

Perhaps though in a final fling with nap-time-less freedom, he played with his own band on Saturday at Freddy’s, the Prospect Heights bar under imminent threat of demolition for Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards.

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