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February 19, 2010

Is Governor Paterson paying any attention to the ESDC? Previous upstate head of authority couldn't get a meeting

Atlantic Yards Report

I asked Wednesday who's in charge of Atlantic Yards at the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC).

Maybe a more pressing question is who's in charge of the ESDC. The answer: not Governor David Paterson.

From a New York Times article today headlined As Campaign Nears, Paterson Is Seen as Increasingly Remote:

Mr. Paterson’s approach to his job differs markedly from that of his predecessor. Mr. Spitzer, when he became governor, promised major change, installed appointees with substantial credentials and took a deep interest in their work, peppering them with e-mailed policy questions in the early-morning hours. Mr. Paterson is less involved with those who run the agencies, and less curious about how they are operating and whether their policies are succeeding, current and former aides say.

Shortly after Mr. Paterson took office in March 2008, Dan Gundersen, who was commissioner of economic development and chairman of the Upstate Empire State Development Corporation, requested a meeting with the new governor. He could not get on Mr. Paterson’s schedule, he said, and kept asking: 12 requests over a period of about 100 days. No meeting was ever scheduled, and Mr. Gundersen resigned that June.

“Governor Spitzer was completely engaged and responsive with me,” Mr. Gundersen recalled. “And when Governor Paterson assumed office, it was important for me to brief him on the upstate agenda and the projects we were working on.”

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NoLandGrab: Who's in charge of the ESDC? Here's a hint.

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