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February 7, 2010

In this week's Courier-Life, street closures article on p. 4 is contradicted by news brief on p. 12

Atlantic Yards Report

Facts bite newspaper.

Does the Courier-Life chain have any editors?

This week's print issue of the Park Slope Courier includes an article (p. 4), headlined Closures around Barclays Center site begin, which is flat wrong.

It states, seemingly unequivocally, "Effective Feb. 1, sections of both Fifth Avenue and Pacific Street will be permanently closed."

Stephen Witt's article was posted online at 8:09 pm on January 29 with a different headline, Downtown street closures explained at cop meeting. That 78th Precinct Community Council meeting was January 26.

Misleading the public

Rather than updating that article to explain the delay, a headline expressing more certainty, Closures around Barclays Center site begin, was added to the article appearing in this week's issue.


Posted by eric at February 7, 2010 11:05 PM