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February 27, 2010

AY Report: Paterson as "Pathological Liar", Sid's Hardware Leaves "Dead Scene"

Atlantic Yards Report

"Pathological liar" Paterson, a compromised governor, and Atlantic Yards

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, in a post-mortem on Governor David Paterson, who has suspended his campaign but resisted calls to resign:

Paterson, however, was criticized by opponents of the Atlantic Yards/Barclays Arena project, who had hoped that he would come out strongly against the plan.

“We met with the governor and he had promised an independent review of Atlantic Yards in December, but he never followed through,” said Dan Goldstein of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn. Goldstein concurred with Village Voice writer Wayne Barrett’s depiction of Paterson as a “pathological liar.”

Well, I don't think a single episode makes Paterson a "pathological liar," but, like too many politicians, he made a promise and didn't follow through.


Then again, Barrett's gotten a lot more opportunity to observe the governor. He called Paterson a "pathological liar" yesterday on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show and, writing on Thursday in the Voice's blog, called for the governor to resign:

Who is running the state of New York? Is there any way an embattled governor, fresh off a national lying tour launched on Larry King, can possibly guide a budget through a divided legislature? Is there a shred of credibility left?

Sid's Hardware is leaving MetroTech; last June, a representative told the MTA board that Atlantic Yards would benefit it and other local retailers

The Brooklyn Paper reports that family-owned Sid's Hardware, the first local retailer to transfer to MetroTech after the project changed Downtown Brooklyn, is moving to Hamilton Avenue at the southern end of the Gowanus Canal and near Park Slope.

In what in retrospect seems like an act of duty to the AY-supporting Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (on whose board Sid's has a seat), a representative of the story testified last June before the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that the arena project would bring new customers and other benefits to Sid's and its neighbors.

Instead, Sid's isn't waiting around. According to the Paper:

“Look, the rents are too high, there’s no parking, and this dead scene isn’t a place to run a business,” said Rich Popper, a store manager. “The other day, I had one guy go around the block for 20 minutes so he could pick up a couple cans of paint.”

NoLandGrab: Although the MetroTech BID likes to boast on its website that Metrotech "was conceived as a means of revitalizing Downtown Brooklyn," the characterization of the area as a "dead scene" is an indication of the sad truth about this Bruce Ratner development.

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