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January 1, 2010

What's missing in Times editorial urging Bloomberg to take care when "some bigwig wants a stadium"?

Atlantic Yards Report

Happy New Year, NoLandGrab readers! It appears that The New York Times has already broken its New Year's resolution (assuming they bothered to make it) to eliminate its big blind spot when it comes to the Atlantic Yards project of its development partner, Bruce C. Ratner.

A New York Times editorial headlined Mr. Bloomberg’s Third Term has a glaring omission:

Like all mayors, Mr. Bloomberg wants his share of monuments. He already has waterfront parks, two finished stadiums, a slew of high rises and tantalizing possibilities on Governors Island. Going forward, it will be hard for the public to stomach any big giveaways like Yankee Stadium, which, at the mayor’s urging, got billions of dollars of support, including taxpayer-backed debt, tax breaks and the use of city parkland.

“It’s a time for singles, not home runs,” said Mitchell Moss, a professor at New York University and informal adviser to the mayor. Mr. Bloomberg should use his business acumen to push for more developments with housing for moderate-income residents and public workers. The next time some bigwig wants a stadium or a fat new zoning change, the mayor should take care to demand more parks and public facilities as part of the deal. The bottom line for any development should be that it helps out more than the developer’s bottom line.

And, um, what if the mayor decides to let the state oversee the development instead, with major tax breaks, essentially free city streets and property, and an inside track on valuable public property like the Vanderbilt Yard?


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