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January 29, 2010

“We can’t offer any compensation…”

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For Norman Oder, a Crystal Eagle; for photographer Tracy Collins... a t-shirt???!!!

Collins received an email from a firm competing for a Barclays Center construction contract, asking if they could use his photos for their pitch and offering him a t-shirt (yes, a t-shirt) as compensation. Collins muses:

This guy clearly has no idea who I am. Probably didn’t have enough time to google to find out that I’d probably be the last person to let him use one of my Atlantic Yards photos in a bid for a construction contract on the Barclays Center. The construction contract must be worth millions, and all I’d get is a lousy Nicholl & Dhyme t-shirt (not to mention the neighborhood-destroying megaproject almost literally in my back yard)?

If this is the kind of outfit that’s involved in building a “world class” arena… They’re already cutting corners to slap together a proposal they’re “putting out in the next day or two to be the metal company that does the outer shell.” Then again, are we surprised?

Be sure to click through to see the email.


NoLandGrab: And that proffered t-shirt? It doesn't exist yet.

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Photographer Tracy Collins, who has done yeoman work chronicling the physical state of the Atlantic Yards footprint and civic events related to Atlantic Yards, doesn't make much money for his efforts.

His work often gets used, without permission.

Sometimes commercial entities ask for permission but won't pay.

Other times they offer the smallest, and least enticing, of carrots.

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