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January 6, 2010

Resolve to be a better person this year — with our list!

The Brooklyn Paper

[R]esolutions don’t need to be difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of 10 cultural promises that you can definitely keep in the new year, easy ways to suck the marrow out of Brooklyn without feeling guilty in the morning.
3. Go to Freddy’s Bar


You never fully appreciate something until it’s gone — so don’t make that mistake with Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, as good a saloon as you get in Brooklyn nowadays. Slated to be torn down to make room for Bruce Ratner’s basketball arena (whatsamatta, Bruce, you don’t think people want a bar outside an arena?), this Prohibition-era speakeasy offers a classic worn bar and booths that hail from the days when Americans were small. But manager Donald O’Finn brings just enough modern touches (like an endless loop of film montages on one of the TVs, and a steady stream of great musicians coming through) so that the place doesn’t feel like a nostalgia act. Go to this bar now before it’s too late.

Freddy’s Bar [485 Dean St. at Sixth Avenue in Prospect Heights, (718) 622-7035].


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