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January 26, 2010

It came from the Blogosphere...

NBC New York, Talking About Making New York Baseball a Threesome

Maybe that nostalgic allure is like the one for men wearing fedoras or eating at automats -- two other things that often seem better than what we have today mostly because they existed before we were around. Those two won't come back, but a third team seems to be a possibility, if a remote one. According to Peter Gammons of MLB.com, the inability of the Rays to draw fans, raise revenues or secure a new Tampa stadium has people in the MLB offices talking about our area.

A Newark or Jersey City stadium wouldn't be hard to get to from the City, but financing the building with public money sounds like a non-starter in the current political environment.

That would also be the case for Brooklyn, a spot where you could actually see a groundswell of support for such a notion taking hold. At least, you could have seen it taking hold before the entire Bruce Ratner/Nets mess took away a viable location and turned into a boondoggle that no one wants to live through again. Maybe it's just that faux-nostalgia again, but the idea of a team in Brooklyn could have caught fire.

Without private cash doing all the heavy financial lifting, in fact, the idea of a new stadium is probably going to kill this idea before it gets off the ground anywhere in our backyard.

NoLandGrab: Or, you could claim up front, like Mayor Bloomberg did about Atlantic Yards, that the project would be privately financed, and then sneak a couple billion dollars of public money in the back door.

Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn, Wed: Citizens Arrest of Bruce Ratner Planned

Close a homeless shelter to make way for parking lot for the Barclay’s Stadium?

That was Forest City Ratner’s idea and it’s getting them a tremendous amount of bad press and generating a good deal of community agitation.

To make matters worse, the shelter was closed in the dead of winter, on January 15th, which is Martin Luther King’s actual birthday. Talk about bad timing.

DNAinfo, Beekman Tower Slapped by Buildings Chief for Failure to Heed Wind Warnings

A stop-work order and two violations halted construction at the Beekman Tower Monday after debris came flying off the structure forcing street closures and residents to take cover.

Turnbuckles used by contractor Kreisler Borg Florman Construction to lash down plywood on the site started falling from developer Bruce Ratner's 72-story luxury apartment building designed by starchitect Frank Gehry during Monday morning's high-winds. ...

The building received nine other violations over the past six months for failing to keep the area free of debris, and other housekeeping issues. But neighboring residents had complained numerous times to the Buildings Dept.'s Web site about falling debris, including pieces of metal sent airborne, but those charges weren't confirmed by the department.

team tish, ATTENTION: Community Notice- Construction on AY Project Begins 2/1

Please be advised that construction is about to begin on the Atlantic Yards Project on or about Feb. 1, 2010. There will be closures of sections of Fifth Avenue and Pacific Street, directional changes and bus route changes....

NLG: That's assuming that the condemnation hearing this Friday goes in the state's and Forest City Ratner's favor.

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