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January 28, 2010

Hey Kids! Who Wants to Be the Next Bruce Ratner?

Hasbro releases Monopoly: City Edition to train future real estate moguls in eminent domain, property devaluation, and rent dodging.

by William Bostwick

Congratulations, Bruce Ratner! Your name is now synonymous with everything that's wrong with the real estate business.

What do you get the next generation's up-and-coming Bruce Ratners? How about Monopoly: City Edition. Just released, the game scraps houses and hotels for industrial parks, skyscrapers, stadiums, power plants, and other urban icons. Apparently, the rules state you don't need to own all the streets on one block to start building there--eminent domain, I guess. You can also build "hazards" (like trash dumps) next to your opponents' residential properties to devalue them. Sounds like fun.


NoLandGrab: Bruce's favorite game token? The bulldozer.

Posted by eric at January 28, 2010 1:19 PM