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January 26, 2010

Finally, in landlord-tenant agreement, an official grant of arena naming rights; was there one in January 2007?

Atlantic Yards Report

Allowing Norman Oder access to the Atlantic Yards Master Closing documents is like giving a drink to an alcoholic. Because before you know it, he's posted one two three four five six seven entries.

When Forest City Ratner announced in January 2007 that it had signed a naming rights agreement with Barclays Capital for the Atlantic Yards arena, did it have the right to sign such a deal?

Even though I suspect that clearance for the deal was at some point secured--could they have just winged it without authorization?--documents that have surfaced as part of the Atlantic Yards master closing documents, first made available today, raise some questions.


Posted by eric at January 26, 2010 12:38 AM