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January 20, 2010

EMINENT DOMAINIA: The Big Apple Bites!

The NY Times, Lesson on Limits of Eminent Domain at Columbia

Despite business ties to Forest City Ratner and having benefitted from the use of eminent domain, the Times takes a look at the showdown brewing over the use of eminent domain in New York City.

Noticing New York, U.S. Supreme Court to Get a Doubleheader on NYS Eminent Domain Abuse? Pretext and Lack of Due Process PLUS No “Just Compensation”

We certainly don’t want to see the basketball arena or any portion of the Atlantic Yards mega-monopoly proceed one step further. Politicians and public agencies need to come to their senses and halt it immediately. But if Atlantic Yards did proceed a few more steps we wonder if it could just be possible that, as a result, New York State would be presenting the U.S. Supreme Court with an eminent domain doubleheader, two giant eminent domain cases to be concurrently heard that would jointly define the limits of the Supreme Court’s unpopular 2005 Kelo eminent domain decision.

City Journal, Eminent Domain as Central Planning
Though not yet published on line, the Manhattan Institute's City Journal magazine has an article, by Nicole Gelinas, about eminent domain and megaproject like Atlantic Yards.

From the Coalition to Preserve Community, the group fighting the Columbia University land grab in West Harlem:

St. Mary’s Church, 521 W. 126TH Street.

And join us for a demonstration on Thursday, Jan. 28th @ 11:30am – 1:00pm at the office of the Empire State DevelopmentCorporation (633 3rd. Ave, btw. 41st & 40th Streets) as we tell Governor Patterson and Empire State Development Corporation:

NO APPEAL for eminent domain abuse,

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