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January 12, 2010

DDDB PRESS RELEASE: Atlantic Yards: Involvement in Alleged Corruption, Alleged Assassination and Actual Under Oath Untruths

Brooklyn, New York — It is quite a cast of characters we have amongst the Atlantic Yards sponsors, investors and developers...

Alleged International Assassination Plot
Yet-to-be-approved Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is a big stakeholder in Rusal (the world's largest aluminum company), which has just been accused of putting out a contract on the life of Moscow-based journalist John Helmer.

Alleged Corruption Scandal With Federal Indictments of Elected Officials
Atlantic Yards developer (aka "Developer No. 2") Forest City Ratner's Ridge Hill project in Yonkers is at the center of a federal indictment of political officials and includes allegations of corruption and bribery for project approval vote switching. The United States Attorney's office says their investigation is ongoing.

Under Oath Lies From NY's Most Powerful Public Authority
The Empire State Development Corporation, purportedly overseeing the Atlantic Yards project, but acting as the tool of its developer Bruce Ratner, tells a substantial untruth—under oath—at a January 5th State Senate hearing.

(Note: none of these most recent shockers include the ongoing fixed/wired deal that has defined Atlantic Yards from the beginning.)

"Let's see: involvement in alleged corruption, alleged assassination and broad daylight lying under oath," said Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn spokesman Daniel Goldstein. "What more needs to happen in the weird and wacky world of Atlantic Yards for the State's most powerful elected leaders—Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Paterson, Speaker Silver, Attorney General Cuomo—to stand up and say...something stinks really bad in Brooklyn and its initials are AY and FCR?"

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