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January 6, 2010

Atlantic Yards revisionism and the belated LIRR pavilion at Atlantic Terminal

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder follows up on the Long Island Railroad pavilion/Atlantic Yards story with a visual examination of just how far the arena would be from the terminal entrance, and points out how some Brooklynites have a poor sense of direction:

The New York Times's CityRoom blog quoted Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, "Someday soon, this terminal will play host to the hordes who will stream in from miles around to watch the Brooklyn Nets mop up the floor with the Manhattan Knicks.”

Actually, it's in the complete opposite direction of the arena site, which is why Forest City Ratner is supposed to build an entirely new transit entrance well to the southeast, across broad Atlantic Avenue.

It's unlikely that LIRR commuters would be able to zigzag underground and exit at the arena block, as opposed to going in the opposite direction and then walking back at street level. In fact, Markowitz himself criticized the transit plan, stating in his comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement:

The FEIS should examine the creation of a thru-ticketing arrangement for LIRR riders which enables them to pass through the paid zone for the subway to reach the Urban Room without payment of a subway fare. Otherwise, project generated trips via the LIRR would be required to use the existing entrance to LIRR’s street level concourse on Flatbush Avenue.

The Empire State Development Corporation responded that that wasn't feasible.


NoLandGrab: The ESDC and MTA have twisted themselves like pretzels to accommodate Forest City Ratner in every way imaginable, but an accommodation for LIRR riders? Not feasible.

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