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January 6, 2010

A terminal opens in Brooklyn, over two years late

2nd Ave. Sagas
by Benjamin Kabak

More coverage of the grand opening of another Bruce Ratner/MTA collaboration, Brooklyn's Long Island Railroad terminal pavilion.

In 2004, the glaringly suburban and sterile Atlantic Terminal Mall complex opened as the first part of Bruce Ratner’s plan to take over a little corner of Brooklyn that doesn’t really want him there. Yesterday, after $108 million and over 30 months past due, the LIRR’s new Atlantic Terminal Pavilion finally opened.


NoLandGrab: Actually, the first salvo in Ratner's takeover plan was the Atlantic Center mall.

More coverage...

City Room, After a Delay, New Atlantic Terminal Pavilion Is Open

The terminal connects directly to the four-story Atlantic Terminal Mall, which opened in 2004 and is home to stores like Target and Old Navy. The developer of that $150 million project, Bruce C. Ratner, is also behind the controversial plans for the 22-acre Atlantic Yards development, which would include a new basketball arena that would house the New Jersey Nets.

NLG: Commenter Norman Oder points out that City Room failed to disclose its parent company's relationship with the developer. It really shouldn't be so hard at this point, should it?

Gothamist, Critics Say Bollards At Atlantic Terminal Are Bollocks

Speaking of pointing things out, no one has mentioned that NLG broke the bollocks bollards story a month ago.

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