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October 16, 2009

“Us Against Ourselves”? No, me and many others against Atlantic Yards

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Photographer and Dean Street resident Tracy Collins responds to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle's Henrik Krogius, who mistakenly (or accidentally on purpose) wrote this week that brownstone neighborhoods "in fact don’t abut the [Atlantic Yards project] site."

This is false. The newly created Prospect Heights Historic District directly abuts the Atlantic Yards footprint. Brownstones and low-rise townhouses directly abut this site on Carlton Avenue, between Pacific and Dean Streets; on the intersection of Carlton Avenue south of Dean Street; on Dean Street, between Flatbush and 6th Avenues; on Dean Street, between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues; and on Vanderbilt Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets. (I’ve included small photos of these areas to fit them all in this email. I can provide larger and other photos if you’d like, or you can view many more here.

Tracy Collins
Dean Street, Prospect Heights


NoLandGrab: The homes pictured above would sit directly across narrow Dean Street from the entrance to the 18,000-seat Barclays Center arena. Anyone who's ever stood outside Madison Square Garden before or after a sporting event or concert understands very clearly why New York City zoning prohibits locating an arena within 200 feet of a residentially zoned neighborhood — a zoning regulation that, in the case of Atlantic Yards, has been overridden by New York State.

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