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October 19, 2009

It came from the Blogosphere...

The Boerum Hill Blog, More pics from DDDB Rally

Blogger Jonathan Ross Balthaser was snapping away during Saturday's Walkathon.


LOWDOWN: A man in a fuzzy lime green bunny suit banging a drum, led Saturday's protest/walk-a-thon fundraiser for Develop Don't Destroy. The Atlantic Yards Project has been the talk of the town for some time now, with a lot of opinions on what to do with the land.

The 2.3 mile walk began at Brooklyn Borough Hall where CelebBrooklynite John Turturro helped kick things off. Next was a pit stop in front of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign office on Atlantic Avenue for some “Brooklyn’s not for sale!” chanting. The march ended with corn and cerveza at the Habana Outpost after-party in Fort Greene to celebrate raising $40,000 for their legal fight against Atlantic Yards. Check out The Boerum Hill Blog's pictorial.

NetsDaily, In Newest Ticket Promotion, Nets Offer Players

It’s come to this: A Nets’ player will make a one-hour appearance at your home, office or school if you buy four courtside tickets for 10 games. “Your Ticket to a Player” is pricey: it starts at $25,000. “If you’re a 10-year-old and you get to bring a Nets’ player to your party,” notes Brett Yormark. “Whether it’s Devin or [Terrence Williams] or Tony Battie, the value for that party goes up exponentially.”

NoLandGrab: Yormarketing Genius strikes again. What 10-year-old has $25,000 and would be dopey enough to squander it on courtside seats for 10 Nets' games?

The award for best NetsDaily commenter post goes to TheMann:

I guess next it’ll be if you purchase a half-season courtside ticket plan you can have Ratner, Yormark, and Prokhorov re-enact scenes from the 3 stooges.

Brownstoner, DDDB Holds Fifth Fundraiser Against the Yards

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, the Atlantic Yards watchdog organization, held its fifth annual Walk Don't Destroy fundraiser on Saturday, which raised over $40,000 according to the Atlantic Yards Report. City Council Member Letitia James, DDDB spokesman Daniel Goldstein, actor John Turturro, and about 200 others walked the 2.3-mile route, which included a stop at Borough Hall, headquarters of Borough President Marty Markowitz, a supporter of the Atlantic Yards development.

The Property Law Blog, That was the week that was - The Royale with Cheese

Over the puddle, the Wall Street Journal's brilliant legal blog discusses here a legal battle in New York over the Atlantic Yards project, a controversial plan to build an NBA arena (for the New Jersey Nets), along with stores and condos in an area of Brooklyn that has been designated as blighted.

mole333's blog [The Daily Gotham], DDDB Walkathon: Maturation of a Movement

When I first hooked up with DDDB, there was much enthusiasm, a little too much anger (justified, perhaps, but sometimes off-putting) and insufficient focus. They were made up of a bunch of community members concerned about what was going on with little experience in the public eye. Many mistakes were made early on due to lack of experience, but lessons were learned from those mistakes. The 5th Walkathon reflected the changes and lessons learned. I was struck by how the early enthusiasm, though not completely absent at this walkathon, has been replaced with something that should be much more frightening to Ratner: a kind of grim, mature determination. A sense that digging in for the long haul is what is needed. They still talk about hoping this is the last year walkathon needed, but behind that is a sense that they will keep fighting even if 100 more walkathons are needed.

The Neighborhood Retail Alliance, NYC Small Business Exposé

With a startling lack of irony, Richard Lipsky (who was paid by Forest City Ratner to promote Atlantic Yards) cites Mayor Bloomberg's support of eminent domain for Atlantic Yards (via Steve Malanga's City Journal piece) as an example of how bad Bloomberg has been for small businesses — which represent the lion's share of Lipsky's client base.

Malanga really leaves no stone unturned-and turns to the use of eminent domain at Willets Point to drive home just how bad the Bloombergistas have been to the little guys: "He has supported everything from the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn to a massive new development in Willets Point, Queens, which would uproot hundreds of firms. Whatever the merits of these individual initiatives (and government’s record of picking winners in business is erratic at best), eminent-domain law as practiced in New York is a virtual death sentence to most small firms."

Ground Report, Mattress Seller Causes Taxpayer Nightmares

The Empire State Development Corporation represents what is probably the most active agent for corporate welfare and eminent domain abuse in such cases as my alma mater Columbia University's land grab in West Harlem and the Atlantic Yards scheme in Brooklyn, to name some notable current examples. The Empire State Development Corporation and its counterparts eveywhere are illegitimate agents of legalized theft.

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