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October 20, 2009

Dear Messrs. Ratner and Prokhorov...


Are one or more of the Atlantic Yards Community Benefit Agreement signatories getting nervous, or are a couple of local legislators trying to hop on the gravy train before it leaves the Vanderbilt Yard?

State Senator John Sampson and Assemblymen Nick Perry and Hakeem Jeffries sent a letter to Bruce Ratner and Mikhail Prokhorov yesterday, praising the basketball impresarios for their "recent efforts to propose new business arrangements to sustain" Atlantic Yards "in these challenging economic times," while expressing concern that "all covenants previously executed" in the CBA "remain in force, and are fully executed."

NoLandGrab: ROTFLMAO. The Atlantic Yards CBA is about as firm as a bowl of Jello.

They're also seeking "a meeting with [Bruce and Proko] at the earliest opportunity to review... this vital economic development project."

NLG: We're not sure what angle Sampson (who recently held a fundraiser in Forest City Ratner's Metrotech offices) and Perry are playing, but we would've expected the normally cagey Jeffries to take pains to appear a bit more savvy.

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