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September 15, 2009

Voting booth

We've already put up the NoLandGrab slate of candidates for today's primary elections. Here are some others.

Noticing New York, Our thoughts on Navigating the Voter Minefields When All the Candidates Know the Words to Mouth on Development

This will provide our good government, good real estate development oriented, Noticing New York thoughts on who to vote for in a number of tomorrow’s most important primary elections and why: Tony Avella for Mayor. Norman Siegel for Public Advocate. John Liu (or David Yassky?) for Comptroller. Josh Skaller in the 39th City Council District. Jo Ann Simon (or Evan Thies?) for the 33rd. Tish James for the 35th. Yetta Kurland in the 3rd to defeat Christine Quinn and unseat her as speaker of the City Council.

Michael D. D. White explains how he came up with his slate, including the Marty and WFP anti-endorsement.

Atlantic Yards Report, Thinking about the 33rd Council District (Part 2): why I'm voting (gingerly) for Simon

Though it is a little uncharacteristic for Norman Oder to share his personal views on his blog, he explains that his tepid vote for Jo Anne Simon has more to do with casting a vote against Stephen Levin.

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