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September 10, 2009

New Yards Design Draws From the Old

The NY Times
By Nicolai Ouroussoff

The architecture critic of the Times basically considers the new arena design an improvement over the post-Frank Gehry Ellerbe Becket design, but still has serious concerns about the entire "Atlantic Yards" project.


To say that the 22-acre Atlantic Yards development project in Brooklyn is in disarray is not a major revelation. That it may still be possible to save — and may even be worth saving — comes as news.
Shop has wrapped it in an appealing rust-colored steel skin, which will make it less harsh on the eye.

But it still falls short of the high architectural standards set by the design the city was originally promised. And too many questions remain unanswered about the overall plan — in particular, when and whether Mr. Ratner’s company, Forest City Ratner, will ever build the surrounding buildings, and, assuming it does, who will design them. Without them the cohesion of the original plan falls apart.


Atlantic Yards Report, NYT critic Ouroussoff gives two cheers to the new arena design: "probably the best that Mr. Ratner can do"

[B]y expressing measured approval for the design, [Ouroussoff] ignores the absence of a design for the rest of the project and the likelihood of indefinite interim surface parking and blight.

So, Forest City Ratner has to consider his review a win, since--despite the instant appellations of "clamshell," "bottle opener," and "panini maker"--the general reaction is not uniform derision.

DDDB.net, Times Critic Ouroussoff Happier With New Arena Design But Displeased With Atlantic Yards

The Times architecture critic who savaged Ratner's fifth arena design now weighs in on his sixth one and, though he thinks it is an improvement, he concludes that it doesn't cut the mustard.

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