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September 9, 2009

BREAKING: New Atlantic Yards Arena Design Revealed


Looks like Curbed got to reveal the Atlantic Yards arena redesign, after The New York Times savaged the last version ("development partnership" only goes so far).

After getting taken to the woodshed for booting Frank Gehry off his controversial Atlantic Yards project and replacing Gehry's Barclays Center arena design with a cut-rate airplane hangar, developer Bruce Ratner told everybody to just wait one doggone minute before they judged the future home (maybe?) of the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets. Word leaked last week that Ratner had added Manhattan avant-gardists SHoP to the design team, and now the fruits of that collaboration with Midwest architecture firm Ellerbe Becket have been unveiled. So, uh, what the hell are we looking at for the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic?

The renderings and plans are available on the new Barclays Center website, now scrubbed free of Gehry's celebrated but ultimately doomed plans.

Click thru for additional images.


NoLandGrab: Well, it's no longer an airplane hangar, though commenters on Curbed have called it everything from "Clamtastic!" to reminiscent of a bottle opener and a toilet.

Us? We're going to call it the "Barclays Panini Maker."

Posted by eric at September 9, 2009 12:42 PM