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August 30, 2009

Two Sunday Morning Nuggets From The Atlantic Yards Report

Atlantic Yards Report

On Paterson, the Times discerns a contradiction; will it ever play 'gotcha' with Bloomberg and Atlantic Yards?

Can the New York Times, Bruce Ratner's business partner, correct long-standing reporting errors regarding the proposed Atlantic Yards project?

A New York Times article published August 26 was headlined Paterson Steps Back From Race Remarks and subtitled in print "But Answers to Questions Appear to Contradict Earlier Statements."

So the Times, not unfairly, played gotcha.

Here's another gotcha they haven't bothered with: Atlantic Yards financing.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg said in 2004 that "any city monies of any meaningful size will be debt issues financed by the extra tax revenues." Later, however, he contradicted that statement by having the city commit $205 million for land purchases and infrastructure.

"See the Nets and NBA Stars in Newark"


The New Jersey Nets are still promoting preseason games in Newark.

As noted last month, should the Brooklyn arena plan fall through, there might be a lot more NBA stars in Newark.

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