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August 26, 2009

Limited parking, street closures, and rooftop seats: why watching the Cubs in Wrigleyville contrasts with the plans for the Nets and AY (+ video)

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder takes a field trip to Wrigley Field to explore the comparisons made to the downtown ballpark in the Atlantic Yards Final Environmental Impact Statement.

The [Empire State Development Corporation] says Wrigley fits into its neighborhood.

However, there are some significant contrasts between Wrigley and the proposed Atlantic Yards arena, as I learned when I visited Chicago's Wrigley Field in July during an afternoon baseball game and took photos and a video (below).

The contrasts and insights:

  • Living or visiting across the street is a boon because you can watch games
  • There's very little parking, even though the stadium has more than twice the projected capacity of the arena and, while located on a transit line, is not at a transit hub
  • Residential permit parking has been instituted to protect residents
  • There's a vigorous private market in which residents rent their own parking spaces
  • Two streets are closed during games
  • A line of buses waits for the crowds


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