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August 11, 2009

In the 33rd: Levin vs. everyone else, AY & Broadway Triangle, and the argument for IRV (Instant Runoff Voting)

Atlantic Yards Report

If you're interested in some insight into the race in the 33rd Council District, be sure to read this excellent analysis by Norman Oder.

Let’s face it. Despite some lively debates, and clear differences in style, experience, policy (only somewhat), and geography among the seven candidates vying to succeed David Yassky in the bizarrely-shaped 33rd City Council District, the race--to be resolved at the Democratic primary September 15--comes down to one thing: Stephen Levin versus everybody else.

That should matter to those following Atlantic Yards. Despite Levin’s expression of “serious concern” about the project, he supports the affordability ratio proposed by Ratner--without pointing out that it was part of an essentially private rezoning, which ACORN has unquestionably supported--and works for the Brooklyn Democratic Party boss who's done Ratner's bidding. The other candidates are all more critical of Atlantic Yards.

(Map from Gotham Gazette)


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The Brooklyn Paper, Candidates savage the front-runners in Brooklyn Paper debate

The Brooklyn Paper hosted a debate of the candidates for the 33rd District Council seat last night, and, of course, Atlantic Yards figured into the discussion.

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