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August 27, 2009

Bloomberg "violently opposed to community benefits agreements"

A couple of days ago, NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg ranted against critics of Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project, while in the same interview he whined about Community Benefits Agreements... yes, the very same type of agreement that he supports (and pretended to sign) for Atlantic Yards.

The Brooklyn Paper, Bloomy still wants Gehry — plus other tidbits from the mayor in our endorsement sit-down

...[Bloomberg] also blasted the kinds of community benefits agreement that Ratner signed with several groups, some of which did not exist before they signed an agreement to support the project in exchange for some financial backing.

“I’m violently opposed to community benefits agreements,” he said. “A small group of people, to feather their own nests, extort money from the developer? That’s just not good government.”

NoLandGrab: It sorta makes you wonder if Bloomberg just forgets things, or isn't detail-oriented, or will take any side on an issue, as long as it serves his desired outcome.

[Photo: Mayor Bloomberg signing something at the ceremony for the Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement, from The Brooklyn Papers, by Tom Callan, July 2005]

DDDB.net, Doubletake: Bloomberg "Violently" Opposes CBAs but Loves Atlantic Yards CBA

Yup, that is Mayor Bloomberg right next to Bruce Ratner signing the Atlantic Yards Nest-feathering Developer Extortion Agreement Community Benefits Agreement (BUILD President James Caldwell on the right who, by the way, appeared in a Bloomberg campaign television ad last time he ran).

No, the Mayor didn't sign the Nest-feathering Developer Extortion Agreement Community Benefits Agreement but he and his friends sure have hyped it to the hilt.

I guess we'd call that bad government.

Atlantic Yards Report, AY CBA witness Bloomberg blasts CBAs as extortion; signatory Nimmons brushes off questions from The Local

...it's unclear whether Bloomberg specifically targeted the Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement. As reported in the Times, he began criticizing CBAs in April 2006, less than a year after he presided over the ceremony for the AY CBA.

(Despite the headline on the mayor's site, he was a witness, not a signatory. Moreover, the press release was incoherent, having the mayor declare, "This Community Benefits Agreement is the largest private sector investment in Brooklyn's history.")

So much for the "modern blueprint" to harvest community support for AY, as discerned by a Times reporter in October 2006, during his first weeks on the AY beat.

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