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July 6, 2009

Who didn't show up at the MTA meetings? State Senator Carl Kruger and his topsy-turvy view of Atlantic Yards

Atlantic Yards Report reviews summer ficition...

Kruger-NYDNsm.jpg Everyone, including the Mad Overkiller Norman Oder, missed State Senator Carl Kruger's May 13 press release "accusing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of intransigence as Forest City Ratner tried to reduce its obligations to pay cash and provide and upgraded railyard." In this alternate parallel universe, Kruger hilariously demanded that the MTA meet with him to show its financial records for Atlantic Yards or "he'll take the matter to the next step."

For a good beach read, check out the rest of the article where Oder provides color commentary as Kruger declares that "all of Forest City’s project obligations will be honored" and bolsters the "MTA’s widely-held image as a secretive entity that works not for the good of the public but for its own financial benefit."

Posted by lumi at July 6, 2009 6:05 AM