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July 30, 2009

Ratner's New Messaging and South Brooklyn Political Friends

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

The latest mantra out of Forest City Ratner and its cronies is that a few selfish people are standing in the way of their Atlantic Yards project, to the great expense of the masses (and, unmentioned, of course, their bottom line).

DDDB explodes that myth.

Let's just make this clear again. The "few" are Bruce Ratner and his execs like Gilmartin, the unelected, unaccountable, unattentive Board of the ESDC, three-men-in-a room, and Bruce Bender's small gang of South Brooklyn political club friends.

The opponents of Atlantic Yards are the many. For example, DDDB has well over 4,000 individual donors alone, 800 volunteers and 7,000 subscribers to our e-newsletter and has widespread support across Brooklyn and New York City.

Alan Maisel got 3,262 votes in his last primary (2008).

But it is not surprising that Assemblyman Maisel of South Brooklyn would come out to shill for Ratner. After all in 2008, when Maisel ran for re-election, Forest City Ratner Chairman and CEO Bruce Ratner, Forest City Ratner President and COO Joanne Minieri and FCR Executive VP, Government and Public Affairs Bruce Bender all gave $2,000 a piece to Maisel. And Bruce Ratner's wife Dr. Pamela Lipkin gave Maisel $3,000. (See filing.)


NoLandGrab: In case you were wondering, Maisel represents the neighborhoods of Mill Basin, Bergen Beach and Canarsie, about as far as you can get in Brooklyn from the Atlantic Yards footprint.

Posted by eric at July 30, 2009 1:26 PM