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July 3, 2009

ESPN The Magazine says Bruce Ratner is second-worst owner in pro sports

Atlantic Yards Report

ESPN Magazine likens Bruce Ratner's NJ Nets to a house guest that overstayed his welcome. Norman Oder explains why.

From the [ESPN Mag] entry:

Developer Bruce Ratner is starting to resemble that college friend who just wasn't ready to move on after graduation. Hey, Jersey, we're hitting snafus with that planned move to Brooklyn, so, ummm, ya mind if I crash here a while longer?

For the record, when Atlantic Yards was announced in December 2003, the Brooklyn arena was supposed to open in 2006. When the project received governmental approvals in 2006, the arena was supposed to open in 2009. Now Ratner projects 2011, though government agencies say 2012--and that's before lawsuits get resolved, bonds are sold, and shovels in the ground.


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