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July 5, 2009

Documentary Says Only 15 Residents Holding Out in Brooklyn

Nets Daily

Boosters of the proposed Atlantic Yards project want to find some way of justifying a project that, increasingly, has no good reason to proceed except to benefit the developer Bruce Ratner. In this particular case, a claim is made that there aren't enough people living in the proposed project's footprint to justify challenging eminent domain.

A mini-documentary reports that only about 15 people are still living in the footprint of Atlantic Yards, Bruce Ratner’s Brooklyn real estate project that includes Barclays Center. A prominent critic challenges the accuracy of other parts of the documentary (Barclays Center won’t be twice the size of the Garden…it’ll be smaller) but lets the number of holdouts stand. Six hundred people have left, according to the film.

In the comments section, Norman Oder of the Atlantic Yards Report sets the record straight.

The ever-responsible Mr. Income takes me to task for not questioning the report’s statement that there are 15 people living in the footprint without even linking to my coverage.

For what it’s worth, the 2009 Modified General Project Plan states (p. 19): http://www.empire.state.ny.us/pdf/AtlanticYards/MODGPP2009.pdf Based on the best information available to the Project Sponsors as of the date hereof, in the 31 households that are currently occupied with no agreements to vacate, 5 of which are owner-occupied and 27 of which are rental units, there are approximately 62 people who remain in occupancy.3

3 These figures do not include transient occupants of the homeless facility who will be accommodated elsewhere.


NoLandGrab: Also from the Nets Daily, commentor, BrooklynBound, says: "Not one person should have to leave the property they own for a BASKETBALL ARENA."

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