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July 13, 2009

Community Boards Call Atlantic Yards Meeting for ESDC and Ratner

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

The agency that gives very little information will be joined by the developer which falsely prides itself on its "information sharing" to let you, the public, know what is going on with their Atlantic Yards debacle.

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Atlantic Yards Report, Forest City Ratner to answer (written) questions at "informational meeting" July 22; when will new arena design be released?

In other words, don't expect Forest City Ratner representatives to be pressed to answer questions. Remember, they refused to attend the May 29 state Senate oversight hearing at Pratt Institute.

Forest City Ratner has promised that the renderings of the arena that have emerged are preliminary, and that new designs will be released.

The question: will the new designs be released just on the eve of the informational meeting, or just on the eve of the public hearing?

Posted by eric at July 13, 2009 10:49 PM