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July 2, 2009

Atlantic Yards, 2010: the push for a second round of stimulus funds (I speculate)

Atlantic Yards Report

Watchdog reporter Norman Oder is getting the sneaking suspicion that Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner is still after federal stimulus dollars:

Despite the statement by ESDC CEO Marisa Lago at a May 29 state Senate hearing that no federal stimulus funds had been sought for Atlantic Yards, the developer is still actively lobbying in Washington.

In 2006 and 2007, Forest City Ratner paid $200,000 a year to former Senator Alfonse D'Amato's firm, Park Strategies, to fight against restrictions on the use of eminent domain, as the Observer reported.

In 2008, FCR paid D'Amato only $80,000. This year, FCR is on pace to pay D'Amato double that sum, $160,000, at least based on the first quarterly filing.

And, as the Observer reported, the target is stimulus funds. If a new round of federal funds becomes available next year--and the Obama administration is keeping an open mind--Forest City Ratner might be arguing that the public should help with the infrastructure it promised.


Posted by lumi at July 2, 2009 6:59 AM