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June 2, 2009

Some confirmation on the ESDC's mystery volunteer: it sure sounds like she's in charge

Atlantic Yards Report

Who is that unmasked woman?

After I suggested yesterday that someday an oversight committee will ask what lawyer Susan Rahm, a volunteer, does for the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) on the Atlantic Yards project, I got an interesting email from a reader.


Remember, I had questioned whether Rahm was in a policy-making position, and was told by the ESDC that no, she was just a consultant.

Project manager?

"When I was introduced to Susan Rahm, she was called the 'project manager' for Atlantic Yards," my correspondent wrote. "Yeah, it’s a pretty general term, but I got the impression she was the chief operating official for the project, salary or no."


NoLandGrab: Is it just us, or should there perhaps be a little more disclosure — ok, yes, a lot more disclosure — about Ms. Rahm's role in the Atlantic Yards project? Here's a starter question: does she have any relationship with Forest City Ratner?

[Photo courtesy Jonathan Barkey]

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