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June 10, 2009

Ellerbe Becket arena slideshow

The NY Times published this slideshow of a preview of the Ellerbe Becket arena design for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards. Based on the comments on the Times web site, it's fair to say that the college-rec-center-inspired design isn't winning many fans.

Atlantic Yards REport, The view of the arena from Flatbush--and the departure of Frank Gehry from the project as a whole

From Norman Oder's assessment of the slideshow images:

Three of the four Ellerbe Becket renderings had previously surfaced, all of them--as far as I can tell--showing the view from Atlantic Avenue. The rendering at right, however, seems to show the view from Flatbush, with the cars going in the direction of Atlantic.

That glass-enclosed structure seems to be the replacement for the Urban Room; more than anything, it looks to serve as a ticket window.

At right is the view from Atlantic Avenue. I'm still waiting for the view from Dean Street. (Here's the original site plan, though the arena now would point north-south.)

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