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June 8, 2009

Developing News

The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC Radio

Real estate reporter Matthew Schuerman updates the host on the latest Atlantic Yards rigamarole. Our favorite bit came in the discussion of the departure of Empire State Development Corporation CEO Marisa Lago.

Brian Lehrer: Did her release have anything to do with this project?

Matthew Schuerman: Not that I know of. All I can say, Brian, on that, is that I saw her at the [State Senate Atlantic Yards Oversight] hearing, this was a little more than a week ago, and she was sweating bullets, in fact, she ran through a couple bottles of water there when she was on the stand, and so it may have been that the pressure got too much for her.

link (the Atlantic Yards discussion begins at about the 1:35 mark, and runs for six minutes)

NoLandGrab: "The pressure got too much?" Wonder if that was the pressure of having to listen to a bunch of morons blowing whistles, or of having to mislead the public constantly about the Atlantic Yards project.

Atlantic Yards Report, On Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC's Schuerman talks about architect shift, IBO info, and Lago's departure

Norman Oder adds some detail to the Lehrer-Schuerman conversation:

Even though the Independent Budget Office has concluded that the arena would be a money-loser for the city, in terms of new tax revenues, Mayor Mike Bloomberg still supports AY. Lehrer asked why.

Schuerman pointed out that city officials expect their own cost-benefit analysis—I think it’ll be a fiscal impact analysis, without costs—to say the project as a whole is a net positive.

I’m sure it will, but there’s a lot of reason to doubt that the city’s projections about the timing of AY. I think Bloomberg, like many elected officials, wants a ribbon-cutting.

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