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June 29, 2009

Brooklyn Broadside: Keeping Pace with Albany, Adultery and Atlantic Yards

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
by Dennis Holt

If someone can get used coffee cups or fingernail clippings or hair samples from Dennis Holt and the Park Slope Courier's Stephen Witt, we'd like to conduct a CSI-style DNA test to establish paternity. 'Cause you certainly can't chalk up all the similarities to cluelessness.

But closer to home, we have the continuing saga of the fate of the Atlantic Yards project. The day that the MTA was to agree to a revised scope and financials for the rail yards part, Develop Don’t Destroy came along with a straight face and offers $120 million to replace Forest City Ratner.

The first question people asked was where did this “pass-the-hat-crowd” get the money? It turns out, the group doesn’t have the money: the sum would come from developers given the right to replace Forest City.

Actually, the first question people asked was "where is Ratner going to get the money?" DDDB, unlike the would-be Atlantic Yards developer, relies 100% on private donations. Ratner, on the other hand, counts on hundreds of millions, if not billions, in taxpayer-funded subsidies.

The plan these developers would have to follow doesn’t include an arena, and what really happened this week was nothing more than a replay of what happened just before the decision to accept the Forest City plan was made.

It’s like watching a bad movie that keeps being edited with new players all saying the same thing.

Couldn't have said it better ourselves, except Holt is talking about us and we're talking about Forest City. More hat-passing by Ratner? Check. More supportive "testimony" by entities that benefit financially if Atlantic Yards gets built? Check. More pre-cooked public giveaways given cover by phony public "hearings?" Check.

Knowing the track record of Develop Don’t Destroy, expect some monkey wrenches to be tossed around.

We know you are but what are we?


NoLandGrab: Far be it for Holt to treat any Forest City, ESDC or MTA action or statement with even a trace of incredulity.

Posted by eric at June 29, 2009 3:30 PM