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May 31, 2009

Yet More On A Sunday From Atlantic Yards Report

There were two more entries from Sunday's Atlantic Yards Report that weren't included here earlier:

Brutally weird: for "Brooklyn," substitute "Forest City Ratner"

The Daily News editorial today cites "a new basketball arena for Brooklyn."

But the arena wouldn't be for Brooklyn.

Forest CIty Ratner would get the naming rights and the revenues. Brooklyn would get a chance to buy tickets.

Pinamonti predicted it

Brutally weird? Well, John Pinamonti predicted it, in "The Burrow":

Makes me sad, yea it's such a pity
They're trying to rename Brooklyn "Forest City"

More testimony submitted for the Senate hearing: why eminent domain should be reformed

This entry points out the need for reform of New York State eminent domain law. The abuse of eminent domain is vital for the proposed Atlantic Yards project.

The issue of eminent domain and blight got short shrift at the hearing on Atlantic Yards held Friday by State Senator Bill Perkins.

One person who submitted testimony, but couldn’t attend, was Michael Rikon, an attorney since 1980 in private practice representing property owners in condemnation proceedings. (He also represents some property owners in the AY footprint.)

“In my opinion, it is fundamentally wrong to take someone’s property and turn it over to a private party,” Rikon said in his prepared testimony. “We understand that eminent domain is necessary on occasion. But the use of this most extreme power should be limited to a true public purpose. Atlantic Yards should be limited to a stadium site for the Nets.”

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